Syncronauts are a collection of 777 exclusive membership passes to the Syncronauts DAO including the famous "The Space Bar". From the first day after the final Syncronaut is minted the DAO goes live and the direction of the DAO is up to the Syncronauts to decide.

GM, Ready to Join the Syncronauts?

Syncronauts are the bravest souls in the Metaverse; space pioneers developing DeFi & NFT tools and experimenting with new technologies. They are taking risks exploring places they've never dreamed of - and where no one else has gone before.

Syncronauts are Keyboard Cowboys, DeFi Degens, High Tech Low Lifes, Cypherpunks and more. We cross genres all across DeFi & NFT with a common mindset that we will stay strong and succeed. Change through consensus. We are creators. Makers of our own way. A new way, together and better than the ways of the old. We are next. We are the Syncronauts.

Become One of the 777 Genesis Syncronauts

As a Syncronaut NFT owner, you’ll become a member of the Syncronauts DAO. This allows you to take part in deciding how the Syncronauts Community Treasury funds will be used and where the Syncronauts are heading next. Once the sale ends, the treasury will be seeded with the proceeds and the team paid. Holders can then start writing and voting for proposals that are beneficial not only for the Syncronauts but the whole NFT space.

The DAO’s first proposal is to create a truly decentralized NFT marketplace for the community by the community, fair and independently run by the Syncronauts DAO. Holders will decide what features to build next, what shall be done with the fees earned by the NFT marketplace, and basically whatever you can imagine. Remember, we run a collaborative road map, all further goals will be determined by the imagination of the Syncronauts DAO.

Who are Syncronauts?
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Top Syncronauts
Syncronauts! The team set out to make collectible works of art that were also a passport for the community.

These are the people who have made us what we are so far:
Cryptogenik - Web dev and sys admin in the Fi sector. OG in Crypto who solo mined a block on Bitcoin. Head of Art Design for Syncronauts and wearer of many hats.
Frank Bondo - Accomplished AI pioneer and Solidity Developer
Scott Bondsman - Scott "Hexillionaire" Bondsman co-founder of SYNC Network. Working on bridging people from traditional finance to crypto
Ant - The Syncronaut Space Station Administrator and community ring leader
Unchained Ninja - Diamond Hands BAYC Holder and NFT aficionado. Published researcher of the NFT ecosystem and integral Syncronaut
Alex Moon - Alex has used his extensive banking and crypto experience and networking to advise on many high profile projects check out Moon Inc
CryptoSubie - Marketing, documentation, task keeper, motivator, idea challenger. Keeps everyone on their toes to help ensure best possible outcome and project performance.
Syncronauts - And you guys, the community are the real stars of the show! See you on the inside, Space Cowboys!

The Space Bar
Coming Soon

Access to the Space Bar is limited exclusivly to Syncronauts.

  • Access to The Members only Discord
  • Access to the Syncronaut Treasury Dashboard

Inside the Space Bar discussions about the DAO proposals and more can unfold to iron out all the details.

The project will launch from a DAO governed treasury and launch the genesis Syncronauts which will have the right to vote on the first day!

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